Faith Must Be Intentional. One of the focused teaching of Jesus with His disciples was on FAITH. FAITH is the MUSCLE that Produces Miracles. Learn how to ‘work’ your faith.
November 29th 2020

Faith Must Be Intentional

One of the focused teaching of Jesus with His disciples was on FAITH. FAITH is the MUSCLE that Produces Miracles. learn how to ‘work’ your faith.
November 29th 2020

Powerful Faith

A Faith Circle activates Powerful Faith in a Realm where all things are possible. Together our faith is increasing. Join me for a Faith Experience of Powerful Faith. <br/>
November 22, 2020

Anchored In A Raging Storm

“COVID-19 is an Invisible Raging Plague that is keeping our World in a Visible Raging Storm (you can see, hear, feel its effects). BUT, YOU CAN BE ANCHORED FOR SECURITY. November 15, 2020

Breakthrough Prayer

BREAKTHROUGH PRAYER is a pathway for God to summon His power, show His strength and manifest His glory because you prayed. Your Breakthrough Prayer can move mountains and loose sudden miracles.
November 8, 2020

Breakout Praise For Breakthroughs

BREAKTHROUGH PRAISE is powerful praise that releases BREAKTHROUGH Glory to activate hope and birth faith for new opportunities. Join me to enlarge your capacity in this COVID season with BREAKTHROUGH PRAISE faith. November 1, 2020


God of The Breakthrough

GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH, one of the Names of God, describes His power to go ahead of you to break open your freedom for opportunities, creative power and to attract new relationships that will help you in your destiny. October 25, 2020

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Don't Lose Your Mind Over What You Cannot Control

CHAYIL CONVERSATION with Pat Francis. “How to prevent losing your mind in uncontrollable times”. Did you lose control of your thoughts, emotions, actions. Take them back!

Anchored In The Storm

Two things you need to protect you in a raging storm. In this season it seems like the world is in an invisible raging storm call COVID-19. Its powerful wave reaches as high as Buckingham Palace, the White House, our Prime Minister’s residence, every nation, the poor and the rich.

Security In Insecure Times

Powerful, rich, influential people, organizations, companies are insecure, fearful and unstable. COVID-19 continues to impact lives with invisible deadly power. BUT when you join me in this conversation you will know how to find security in insecure times