• Victory Stories

Victory Stories


Have you been delivered from something you once struggled with? Do you have a story about something amazing that has happened in your life that is a manifestation of the glory of God? Let us celebrate with you and inspire others to grow in greater faith. Please send us your victory stories so that we can rejoice and celebrate with you. We may use your story in our publications or on our website so please include a photo.

"Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete."
~ John 16:24

Featured Victory Story

"As a little boy I was abandoned by my father and although my mother prayed and tried hard to provide for her children, I got involve with hard drugs that burnt out my brain. I attempted suicide and as I was about to kill myself, I prayed and God rescued me and said, “I will heal you and give you another chance if you give your life to me.”
I went to Church, gave my life to Jesus and He miraculously healed my mind. I got scholarships for school and
I finished all my courses in record time. I am now a chartered accountant in Australia and involved in several business projects in developing nations."

~ Justin Ericson, Australia.

Please send us Victory Stories of thanksgiving to God for answered prayers.

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