• Missions and Charities




A network of professionals offers a variety of services such as financial workshops, tax preparation assistance, personal financial counseling, seminars to educate and empower individuals in wealth creation, Home Acquisition Programs to help first time home buyers and training in property acquisition for equity and wealth development. Our KLN Business Forums provide opportunities for business partnerships and global trade.



Our goal at KCM is to make members and visitors have a great experience in welcome, hospitality and with our vibrant worship services. We have a great team of volunteers who provides services such as greeting, ushering, helping visitors to find areas for each family member, help in different areas in a friendly and warm environment.



We believe that everyone has value and is significant. We are here to help you to find a ministry in which you can serve as a part of a team of committed volunteers who are giving their time and talents to helping others, serving in the community and helping our Church with its vision to the be the greatest entity on earth.



Our goal is to ensure that the flow of communication is maintained between internal/external audiences and fostering a culture that utilizes communication as a strategic management function. Our dedicated team of volunteers focuses on print and online publications, media and community relations, translations services, internal communications and the WordWorks book club as an outreach service.