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Acorn2Oak Youth Services offer the following programs for children and youth:
Restorative Justice provides restoration, rehabilitation and reintegration into families and society at large.  The interventions are designed to break the cycle of crime, while addressing the psychological, mental, physical and emotional needs of the individual.
6-11 Children's Intervention Program is designed for children who are displaying anti-social behaviour and have the propensity to come into conflict with the law.
After Prison Care is available to ex-offenders who are in need of support systems, as they reintegrate into families, community and society.
Court Intervention Program provides remedial options and an alternative to incarceration for individuals 12 and older that have come into conflict with the law with certain offences.
Student Intervention Program provides academic mentorship for students during High School and College.
Scholarships are made available to individuals who are in financial need and would not be able to afford to further their post secondary education.  Students are also trained to access other sources of scholarship and bursaries that are available to them.
Mentorship provides carefully selected and screened mentors as positive role models to young people, to whom they give their time, knowledge and hearts.  The mentors are committed to empowering young people with necessary skills to restore hope and positively contribute to the community and society.
Clinical Counselling is provided by our professional clinical counselling team made up of psychotherapists and psychologist is available for one-on-one and group counselling to provide coping strategies for dealing with many issues faced by our young people. 
Sports & Recreation  Our team of youth workers provide sports and recreational activities.  Partnerships are made with local universities and other organizations, as in the case with the University of Toronto, for competitive games.  The Sports and Recreation programs provide a challenging outlet for the energy and artistic expression of our younger generation. The recreational facility provides games such as pool; organized basketball and tabletop games. These sports and game programs include the development of amateur sports teams to participate in established community based competitions.