A Faith Circle is Intentional Prayer of Faith to experience and minister salvation, miracles and the Chayil Glory of Christ

A Faith Circle

Jesus taught on the power of faith. A Faith Circle is Intentional Prayer of Faith to experience and minister salvation, miracles, and the Chayil Glory of Christ. It is connection with God in the Realm of Faith where all things become possible. Jesus taught, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24). Learn the 5 steps of a Faith Circle and let us experience together the Faith Realm where all things are possible. Join the Faith Circle Movement where ordinary believers are experiencing and manifesting the glory of Christ with miraculous harvest.


A Faith Circle Champion

Start with YOU. Create a Faith Circle for your Miracle using the 5 Steps. Then:
1. Pray It Forward. Find 5 people and pray with them for Salvation + Miracle. They must put their Faith in Jesus.
2. Ask those 5 People to Pray It Forward by finding 5 more people to save and bless. This will create a momentum triggered by you.
3. Record your harvest. Get contact information (when possible) for discipleship: 1.Name, 2.Email, 3.Geographical Location. Keep count of the numbers of people in your Champion Group.
4. Give glory to God. Share testimonies with each other and in our Virtual Assembly with Global Faith Circle Champions.

Faith Cluster

A Faith Cluster is a group of believers who are committed to pray regularly together believing for each other. As it takes a cluster of grapes to make wine, sometimes it takes a cluster of believers for the release of miracles. Jesus’ Faith Cluster was with Peter, James, and John. A Faith Cluster is built on principles of trust, unity, and unwavering faith of each member. Great miracles and events were experienced by Jesus’ disciples in His Faith Cluster: dead came alive (Mark 5:37-43); they saw Him Transfigured in Glory (Mark 9:2-8); they saw Him wrestle intensely and won battles in prayer (Mark 14:32-34).

Jesus' Faith Cluster


Virtual Assembly of Faith Circle Champions

Community of Faith Circle

Faith Circle Champions are triggering revival. Imagine joining a Virtual Assembly with many global Faith Circle Champions, sharing testimonies and giving God glory for people being saved, miracles and multiplication of Faith Circles becoming a community. The disciples left the Upper Room as witnesses of Christ, shining, sharing and showing His Glory in salvation and miracles. One hundred and twenty passionate disciples multiplied to add 3000 believers in one day. Saving souls and working miracles is exciting with rejoicing in heaven and on earth.