Message Takeaway:
Children are an important part of God’s mission to tell the world about God—the creator of the universe—knows every tiny detail about us. Therefore, we can trust Him with everything..

1. What did the boy slide down on?
2. What did he pick up?
3. What did he have around his forehead?
4. What is the colour of the boy's tunic?
5. What did the soldier say to goliath?
6. What did the boy say would happen to his brother?
7. What was under Goliath’s eye?
8. What did David say Goliath? A
9. What happened to David’s pouch in the video?
10. Did Goliath fall on his face or on his back?
11. What did David say to Goliath?
12. What happened to Goliath’s men?

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