Bible Reading:
Exodus 3:1-15

Message Takeaway:
Don’t be afraid. The Lord is with YOU; just like Moses. Children are an important part of God’s mission to tell the world about His love. God will use anyone just like He used an ordinary person like Moses. Moses surrendered his life. He had faith and trusted God to use him.

1. Where did Moses decide to take his flock of sheep?
2. What was Moses holding in his hand?
3. How many sheep are following Moses?
4. What was the colour of Moses’ tunic?
5. What did Moses do with his sandals?
6. True or false. Did Moses tremble when God spoke to him?
7. What did God tell Moses?
8. What name did God tell Moses to call him?
9. What did God tell Moses when he became afraid?
10. What happened to Moses’ hand when he put it in his cloak pocket?

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