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Years ago I hear Dr. Pat at a conference. I was a Christian faithfully serving in my Church but knew that there was more to be achieved in my Kingdom life. I am a factory owner with a large staff and yet I had a poor self image. I was put down so many times that I had begun to believe in the lies of the enemy. I made a decision to become a Chayil Partner of Pat Francis Ministries and to study Dr. Pat’s teachings for new levels of revelation and impartation. I joined in the team fighting to rescue One Million Children from abandonment, work slavery and sex slavery. By finding new purpose in my life, I began to grow in significance knowing that I had the power to rescue children and to make my world a better place. I have grown in knowledge, power and confidence. God has given me greater ability to create wealth as I activated Deut 8:17,18 in my life. I prayer God bless me to be a blessing to children and to take you Kingdom message and mission to the world. God has answered my prayers. I am a solution to our world and experiencing my best life now. I give God all the glory as I arise, shine, receive His glory to glorify His Name in all the Earth.
~ Frida Arifin, Malang.

Jesus has promised to “set us free indeed”. I believe in Dr Pat’s declaration that we are “One revelation from a new dimension and one relationship from new possibilities”. I heard Dr. Pat first in a conference in Sydney, Australia and my life has been changed forever. I have been a very successful business woman, also with my own ministry for many years loving God with all my year yet with a deep need that I did not understand. I heard Dr. Pat’s teaching on, “”The one thing in our life that is blocking a new blessing in our life.” Jacob had to wrestle for his blessing. He was wealthy but; he was the son of Isaac but. He had a great family but. I had a ‘but’ in my life that is now gone. I am a Kingdom Enforcer. In addition to my successful family businesses, my great family, I am now Pastor of Kingdom Glory Ministries in Indonesia, a solution to suffering children, connected to my global Chayil family. I feel loved, significant and I am more in love with my Jesus every day. Dr Pat’s teachings and impartation in my life started a revolution that is growing as I partner with Pat Francis Ministries to take the message and the mission of the Kingdom of God in preparation for my King’s return.
~ Pastor Evie Kesek, Jakarta.

As a little boy I was abandoned by my father and although my mother prayed and tried hard to provide for her children, I got involve with hard drugs that burnt out my brain. I attempted suicide and as I was about to kill myself, I prayed and God rescued me and said, “I will heal you and give you another chance if you give your life to me.” I went to Church, gave my life to Jesus and He miraculously healed my mind. I got scholarships for school and I finished all my courses in record time. I am now a chartered accountant in Australia and involved in several business projects in developing nations.
~ Justin Ericson, Australia.

I am a Kingdom Enforcer living in Argentina. I am a Pastor and a Coordinator of Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute in Argentina. Every year I go to Toronto for our annual Kingdom Enforcers Conference and I am now more powerful and confident in Christ in me my hope of glory. I am proud to be a member of our Chayil Partners and to teach the Kingdom messages of Dr Pat in our churches in Argentina. The truth of God is setting us free. I now know that through our God I shall do valiantly for he shall thread down all my enemies. I have learned The Ultimate Secret that I am made in the image of God to speak like God words of faith to create and rule my world.
~ Maria, Argentina.

This year I brought a team of women from our workplace to the CHAYIL Women Intl Conference in Toronto.  These women were of different faiths – Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.  The teachings at the conference were very empowering – teachings in faith, health, “How to Rule Your World”, fashion, “The CHAYIL Woman”, etc.  Our lives were changed.  The grace of CHAYIL is now moving in us even at work.   As we meet each other at work we greet each other with: “Rule Your Word”.  The grace of CHAYIL includes stronger in faith, promotions and financial blessings and since that conference  we are now experiencing promotions, job extensions and blessings in many areas.
~ Joanne Turner

Five years ago after attending Church for many years, I gave Jesus Christ permission to come into my life as MY Savior and Lord.  I began to listen to the teachings in Church, pray and study God’s word.  As I grew in faith and in the knowledge of God, I began to practice the things that I learnt in Church and during my second year University training in nursing I decided to create my world.  I declared that I wanted to be an Intensive Care Nurse at a teaching hospital, downtown and a scholarship for more nursing training.  After I graduated I didn’t get the job I wanted but I took a job that was given to me at a regular hospital.  Now one year later, I was offered a job at a teaching hospital downtown and I am working in the Intensive Care Unit.  In addition, I got a $20,000 scholarship to upgrade my nursing degree; and there is more that I am creating and believing for as I Create and Rule My World.
~ Shadea Subero

Dr. Pat, As  CHAYIL members you taught us that we need to be house owners so my husband I, put all our faith together for a house purchase and after 5 months of faith for the purchase of a particular house, we signed yesterday all the papers and are blessed house owners. We´ll move in on Friday right before Christmas. The previous owners are born again Christians and blessed us with so many things they left for us in the house as a start.
We have four bedroom, a great living room, a nice office, big kitchen, other nice store rooms, a great garden and
we are so full of joy.
~ Deborah Mundale, Belgium

Share your testimony. Let us celebrate with you and inspire others in greater faith.

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