Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHAYIL?
CHAYIL is a Hebrew word that is rich, powerful and glorious.  Its many meanings are found in 243 references in the Bible such as: strength, active, activated, courage, power, force, dominion, elite army, wealth, efficiency, praiseworthy, excellence, wisdom, virtue, moral worth, honor, ability, capable, special forces, great, mighty, troops, host, valiant, valor, warriors, company, trained, noble, preference, favor, full, goods, retinue, riches, substance, territory, influence.  According to Strong’s concordance its three key meanings are power, wealth, and army and its strongest meaning is army.

What are CHAYIL Pillars
CHAYIL Pillars are worship, wisdom, power, honor, favor, wealth, and influence.  “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52. Amplified this verse can read, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature (power, honor, maturity, manifested glory), and in favor with God (His worship, prayer, obedience) and men (humility, wealth, influence).” Luke 2:52. With the greatness of the word CHAYIL and its many meanings, we have developed seven CHAYIL Pillars to intentionally grow like Jesus and to serve Him in His mission to fill the earth with His Glory.

What is CHAYIL Glory?
CHAYIL Glory is the manifested power and glory of the LORD Jesus Christ in and through His servants.

What is Mission INFUSION”?
To INFUSE the CHAYIL Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in every heart, home, community and nation.

What is a CHAYIL Power Group?
A CHAYIL Power Group (CPG) is a meeting of two or more members with the intentional goal to grow greater in the manifested Glory of the LORD Jesus Christ in the CHAYIL Pillars of worship, wisdom, power, honor, favor, wealth and influence. The aim of a CPG is that the power and value in each person is discovered, validated and enhanced in a supportive environment of mutual reinforcement. CPG Meeting includes prayer, learning, peer coaching, accountability, practical help and general support.

What is the difference between small groups, cell groups and CHAYIL Power Groups (CPGs)?
CPGs has some of the components of cell groups – prayer, learning, multiplication.  However, CPGs has an intentional goal for the personal growth of each member of the group by providing PEERcoaching, ideas for solutions, roundtable discussions, practical support and accountability. A CPG is an Altar of Intercession. Sharing CHAYIL testimonies is also an import aspect of CPGs as our commitment to God is to bring Him glory as He glorifies us.

Where do CHAYIL Power Groups meet?
CHAYIL Power Groups meet in homes, Churches, schools, workplace, on phone, skype, with family, friends or peers.

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