CHAYIL Meetings

CHAYIL Glory is the manifested power and great glory of the LORD Jesus Christ in and through His servants.

Mission: “Operation INFUSION”
“To INFUSE the CHAYIL Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in every heart, home, community and nation.”

CHAYIL Glory Ministries include:
1) CHAYIL Glory Agents (CGA)
A CHAYIL Glory Agent is anyone who is involved in the CHAYIL Glory Movement at any level from an Intercessor to an Ambassador.  When members join CGM and Application Package is sent out with information on types of ministry involvements to be followed by a Confirmation Package to start ministering.  Packages may include Facilitation Guide, Operations Manual, CHAYIL Prayer Template, Church Facilitation Guide, CHAYIL Church Development System, etc.

2) CHAYIL Prayer Ministry (CPM)
Members pray and study CHAYIL Glory for manifestation.  Knowledge and understanding precede manifestation.  As Jesus and Samuel grew in the Pillars of CHAYIL so members pray intentional for growth in the pillars of CHAYIL, in addition to their other prayers.
CPM can be One person praying or CPP (CHAYIL Prayer Partners).

3) CHAYIL Power Group (CPG)
A CHAYIL Power Group (CPG) has three or more members meeting regularly for connection, bible study, focused study, prayer, intentional growth in CHAYIL Glory, peer coaching, accountability, care, fellowship and serving. In CPG Meetings members can meet by phone, media, in homes, Churches, schools, workplace, corporate and other facilities.

4)  CHAYIL Church Ministry – Men, Women (CCM)
In Churches, Men and Women Ministries are including CHAYIL Glory Teachings in their meetings.  A Coordinator will be a trained CHAYIL Glory Agent who will coordinate the Monthly Church Meetings.  Attendees will come to meetings to be taught, trained, and empowered for greater influence in family, ministry, career, business, and holistic prosperity.  CHAYIL Glory and Pillars will be a focus in meetings.  The Coordinator will create a team to help with teaching, administration, facilitation and other duties.

5)  CHAYIL Women International (CWI) – Monthly Chapter Meetings
CWI is an international network of women in passionate pursuit of the grace and glory of CHAYIL in all areas of their lives.  Through monthly and annual international events, conferences, training, missions and local chapter meetings, CWI is growing as women are being empowered to take their place of influence in the Kingdom of God and in our world. CWI is interdenominational and all women are welcomed.

Operations Manual will be sent upon request by emailing

6) CHAYIL Leadership Network (CLN) – Monthly Chapter Meetings
CLN is a membership organization that provides the forum for business, professional and career leaders to build relationships for personal growth, to give and receive coaching, share contacts, network with global leaders, discover opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships and participate in special events.  There is an annual membership fee with members meeting monthly.
Operations Manual will be sent upon request by emailing

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