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Pastoral, Leadership

Pat Francis, Ph.D                                Lead Pastor
Stowell Theodore, M.Th. D.CLM           Senior Associate
Errol Clarke                                       Outreach
Innes Howe, M.Th., D.CLM                  KCLI Vice Chancellor, Care, Home Groups
Jose Vera, B.Th.                                 Outreach, Spanish Community
David Reyes, M.th.                             Children
Ilyn Reyes                                         Children
Dave Brown, M.Th.                             Married Couples, Prayer
Zamal Whyte, B.Sc., B.Th.                   Youth, Young Adults, CGE, VMP
Sadine Dalberry-Whyte, MA, BCC          Youth, Young Adults, CHAYIL Power Groups
Germain Muamba, BSc., B.Th.              French Community, CGE, KCA
Eddison Doyle, MBA, CGA, DLCM          Worship Ministries
Avril Riley                                          Youth, Young Adults

Office Management
Pat Francis, Ph.D.                               President
Errol Clarke, CMA                                VP of Finance
Stowell Theodore, M.Th., D.CLM           VP of Operations, Facility Manager
Robert Sterling, CA                              Financial Management
Innes Howe, M.Th, D.CLM                    Vice Chancellor KCLI, Administration
Goldine Lessey, M.Th.                          Human Resources

Staff & Leaders
Our Staff, Ministers, Deacons and Leaders all serve with a mandate to provide God with excellent praise, worship and service. Care and service to our Kingdom Covenant Families is of great importance. In unity we serve to develop and grow a strong influential Church that will transform lives, impact generations, serve our community and our world.